About us

John Voorhees - CEO

John is the founder and Chief Executive of Primitive. His passion for Computer Aided Design, computer programming, and Virtual Reality inspired him to build a technology that could incorporate all three into a powerful tool for software developers. John has an MBA from Stanford and an Engineering degree from Brown and will get super excited whenever the topic of programming in VR comes up.

Avik Das - CTO

Avik joined Primitive as the Chief Technology Officer. He has a rich professional and academic expertise in compiler technology and computer graphics and has a dual BA/BS in pure math, EE/CS from the University of California at Berkeley. Avik is a grounded, natural leader and is gifted in his deep understanding of how the software stack works. Plus he is just a really great guy to be around.

Ty Terdan - Engineer

Ty is a focused and resilient engineer. As our newest hire she is taking on many responsibilities, including managing the implementation of Primitive for our customer installations. One of her best qualities is that she always has the needs of other people in mind. Ty also has a big heart. She is a proponent of pet adoption, having recently fostered a litter of kittens herself and will do anything for Vegan ice cream.

Luis Cuende - Advisor

Luis has been awarded as the best underage European programmer in 2011, is a Forbes 30 Under 30, a MIT TR35 and the founder of the blockchain startups Stampery and Unpatent. Prior to founding startups, he created the world's first Linux distribution with facelogin.

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