VR Collaboration for Distributed Teams

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PRIMITIVE: Immersive Development Environment

Software development teams are only as good as their ability to comprehend and integrate the work of many different authors.

At Primitive, we believe that collaboration and immersive visualization are the future of software development. The arrival of virtual reality has provided a groundbreaking new platform to visualize data and collaborate in advanced ways. The Primitive Immersive Development Environment is taking advantage of everything that collaboration in VR can offer while applying new tools for visually analyzing software in 3D.

Codebase -> Interactive Model

Primitive turns the output of software analyses into interactive 3D structures that are displayed in collaborative, immersive VR. A team of developers will see:

Architectural Overviews - up to several million lines of code
3D Call Graphs - spatial layouts that are clearer and more memorable
Multi-thread Runtime Animations - allowing collaboration in debugging and performance evaluation